8 Germy Places in Your Home You Need to Everything Spray

February 14, 2020 3 min read

8 Germy Places in Your Home You Need to Everything Spray

When we say our surface sanitiser, the Everything Spray, can be used on EVERYTHING, we mean it!

Because it is water-based and contains no nasty chemicals, it won't damage or stain (including materials like leather, wood, paint or metals)! Plus, unlike a regular chemical or alcohol-based cleaner or sanitiser, it will continue to kill and protect against 99% of germs on any surface for up to 30 days!

So, you've already spritzed your main surfaces throughout your home with Everything Spray, such as benches, walls, toilets, bathrooms, change tables and door handles. But here are our TOP 8 places you need to add to that list ASAP! 

ALWAYS clean the surface before applying the Everything Spray & ALWAYS allow the spray to dry on the surface to ensure it lasts


1. Cellphone:

Did you know your cell phone has more bacteria on it than a toilet seat!? To be honest, it's not that surprising when you realise the places you don't take your phone is much shorter than the places you do (*cough cough* toilet txters, looking at you*).  

How to use: Spray Everything Spray onto a clean microfibre cloth then gently wipe over the screen, the back, buttons and case. 

2. Bags

We're talking bags of all shapes, sizes and uses - think baby and nappy bags,  your handbag and wallet, and your kid's schoolbags. Oh, the places these bags have travelled and the germs they have collected along the way.

How to use: Clean the bag the best you can first, chuck it in the washing machine is easiest and if the fabric permits it. Then, spray it all over, inside and out, making sure you get into all the nooks and crannies. If it's leather you could also use a clean microfibre cloth to wipe it on.

3. Make-Up Brushes 

We don't suggest you think about the bacteria that could be transferred between your makeup brushes and your face (even worse if you're someone who shares their brushes), it could even be the culprit behind that nasty little breakout.

Makeup artists, you're probably used to cleaning your brushes in between clients with isopropyl alcohol. But that won't protect your brushes going forward, whereas the Everything Spray will continue to combat germs for up to 30 days!  

How to use: Wash brushes your brushes in hot water. Once dry, spray bristles & handles with Everything Spray, making sure to get right in between them. Make sure they're all dry before using with makeup. This is safe to use on brushes with synthetic and natural hair bristles. 

4. Remote Control

It could be for the TV, the PlayStation or Xbox, or the remote control toy that's always in the way. Regardless of what it's controlling, lots of hands are touching them and they're not always clean. 

How to use: Spray Everything Spray onto a clean microfibre cloth then wipe all over, making sure to get in between the buttons!

5. Toys

Whether they're strewn all over the house or neatly in a box, kids toys can be germ hotspots and can be tricky to clean, especially when you're conscious of what's going to be eventually put into baby's mouth.

Luckily, because our formula is non-toxic, contains no alcohol and no nasty chemicals, the Everything Spray is safe to use on toys. Just make sure after you've sprayed that it dries completely so you get the full germ protection power before giving back to the kids.

6. Steering Wheel (and inside your car)

For most people, their car is an extension of their home. We're in and out of it every day, and those germs come with us too! So make sure all regularly touched surfaces are thoroughly sprayed! We're talking about those random places too, like the centre console, the gear stick, the radio buttons and especially the seats (kids car seats included)! 

How to use: Wipe down interior first then spray all over every and any surface you can think of. For you lucky people with leather interior, don't worry the Everything Spray won't stain or harm it!  

7. Keyboard and Mouse 

Working mums and dads, make sure you take your Everything Spray to work with you too and give your keyboard, mouse and desk a good clean and spritz!

How to use: Again, because its electronic spray onto a clean cloth and then wipe down your computer set up. Then spray it directly onto your desk and allow it to dry!   


View our Sanitiser Range online today and get Everything Sprayin'  

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