How to increase your let down

If you have attached your pump and are struggling to get your breast to let down or use your Pumpd pump when not feeding from your other breast, we have a few tips to help.

Place your Pumpd pump over your nipple, without attaching your pump to your breast with suction. Squeeze the base of the pump in and out every second. Do this for 30seconds – 1 minute. Then, using one of the above two methods, attach your pump to your breast.

Gently massage the top of your breast with a warm flannel or use your pump straight after a warm bath or shower.

Once attached to your breast, gently squeeze the base of the pump every second for 30seconds – 1 minute. Be careful to only squeeze the base gently to avoid the suction being tampered with.

Ways to use your Pump

- While feeding
- When not feeding
- Mastitis
- To draw out inverted nipples
- Engorgement
- Pump and Dump

Sterilising Pumpd Pumps

As our Pumpd Pumps are made of silicone, you do not need to use any harsh chemicals to sterilise. Simply boil for 3-5 minutes.

We recommend to always sterilise your pump when your baby is under 3 months old. Once your baby is over 3 months old, you don’t need to sterilise your pump, just clean it thoroughly. If you wish to continue sterilising your Pumpd pump however, that is totally fine and up to you.

Cleaning instructions

1. Wash in warm soapy water after each use and allow to air dry upside down.

2. Although dishwasher safe, we always recommend to hand wash your Pumpd pump as other food particles in the dishwasher can cause mastitis and other nipple irritations.

3. Once dry, store your pump with the lid attached to prevent contamination to the flange and pump body.

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