Our Routine At The Moment

Henry has always had a fairly consistent night time routine, which was created naturally as we went along. Luckily for us this has stuck and seems to work well for both Henry and us.

In the beginning, our day routine wasn’t a routine as such, we really just went with the flow and a lot of Henrys naps were done out and about or out walking in his pram. He also had his bassinet set up in the lounge during the day and would sleep on and off throughout the day and he loved being amongst music and us all banging and crashing around.  

Come four months - things have changed and Henry is defiantly a lot more alert and distracted by things around him. Nap times are now more set and he loves his own space and quiet time. In saying that we are still not stuck in a water tight routine and naps juggle between contact (on me), his cot, out walking in the pram and the odd nappy free floor nap. 

Henry is also fed on demand so I won’t even try and include feeds in here as they can be every 2 hours or every 20 minutes depending on how Henry is feeling. There is no routine haha.

Our current routine looks a bit like this...

 7:00am Wake-up for the morning and feed
 7:30am - 9:00am Play & hang out together
 9:00am - 10:00am Nap (usually in his cot)
10am - 1:00pm (ish) More play and hanging out 
 1pm - 2:30pm (ish)
Nap. This is when I usually will go for a walk to get him and I out of the house (pre lockdown, post lockdown we do this only a couple of days a week to get out and keen sane) 
 2:30pm - 4pm More playing and hanging out together
30min nap. This nap I try to keep at this time as I find its really important for Henrys sleep routine. If we miss this one he is usually falling asleep to early or very unsettled and grumpy when going down, which isn’t nice for either of us.  
 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Chill hanging out - nothing that is going to wind him up too much. He loves books and reading.
 6:00pm Bath time
 6:30pm 200ml bottle of breastmilk
 6:45pm (ish) Breastfeed
 7:00pm (ish) down for bed 

Henry usually wakes once in the night around 3am and I breastfeed in the dark till he drifts off to sleep again and then see him again for his morning snug in our bed around 6.30/7am 

*This is my personal experience

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