Tips for Dressing Your Baby for Winter

July 12, 2020 3 min read

Tips for Dressing Your Baby for Winter

For new mamas, winter can be an exciting time, (all those adorable hats and woollies little ones get to wear), but it can be a bit stressful trying to figure out how you'll keep your baby warm & cosy. You will already know that your baby is very sensitive to temperature (that includes their seedling immune systems, so keeping them perfectly bundled in the winter can be a bit of a balancing act. Read on to learn our top five tips for dressing your baby in winter...

1. Layers are your friend

We all know it’s easier to take layers off than to put more on. When winter sets in, you’re dressing your baby for more than just the cold. Unlike the summer, when the windows are open and the temperature is nearly the same inside and out, winter involves adjusting regularly between the chilly outdoors and toasty interiors.

Dress your baby in layers. This will help keep them toasty and warm in the cold but will also give you the chance to shed a few layers when you step back into the toasty indoors.

2. Opt for clothing over blankets

You want to avoid loose blankets around your baby, particularly when they’re sleeping, as loose bedding and overheating can increase the risk of SIDS. Whenever possible, opt for cosy clothing. It’s harder for your new-born to kick off blankets, and clothing will provide more consistent and evenly distributed warmth. They’ll be safer and more comfortable, even in winter.

A warm sleep sack or sleeper are better options for bedtime but, if necessary, swaddle your baby snuggly in a light blanket and check their neck for excessive perspiration to ensure they’re not too warm. Your baby should be a little cooler when sleeping.

3. Changes are necessary when in the car

That puffy little coat will certainly keep your baby warm, but it also creates a lot of loose space between the baby and their car seat seatbelt. This can pose a risk, as the loose straps could fail to keep your baby secure in a crash. Be sure to remove these puffy layers when in the car. Allow some time to let your car warm up if your baby will have too few layers on to keep warm or consider a car seat liner to keep them cosy when their coat comes off.

4. Consider carriers over prams

Carriers are a two-for-one benefit in the chilly winter months, allowing you both to increase bonding time with your baby and share body heat to keep them warm. This makes carriers preferable to prams in the winter. If you do choose to stick with your pram, however, consider swaddling your baby in an extra layer and add a pram cover that will protect from the elements without stifling airflow.

5. Manage indoor temperature and comfort

We’re often tempted to crank the heat inside when the temperature drops outside, but this may not be what’s best for your baby. Year-round, try to keep your home at 18-22°C. Cooler temperatures reduce the risk of SIDS for babies, and artificial indoor heating tends to lower the humidity, which could result in dry skin for your little one. Remember to remove layers when you come in from the cold, and keep your baby adequately bundled.

Every baby is happiest when cosy and well-fed! 

A warm bundle of joy will be comfortable in nearly any weather, but that doesn’t mean any weather is ideal for breastfeeding. Sometimes, breastfeeding mothers will need to be prepared with a bottle of pumped breast milk. Check out the New Edition online shop for the only silicon breast pumps made right here in New Zealand, and visit our blog for helpful breast pumping tips.

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